The band is just everything we love, Jazzy and sweet.

When we first heard Untitled Band at our friend's wedding, we both instantly knew that this is our future wedding band. If you insanely love Michael Buble like we do, then this is the band for you.

My husband then found the band online and we booked the band even when we had no fixed date of our wedding day.

The band is just everything we love, Jazzy and sweet. Moreover, the members are all warm and sweet people who has become our friends.

Our wedding day wouldn't be as magical without the band and we are so glad we met them.

We wish the Untitled Band all the very best.

Roland + Aurellia
4 Oct 2014
Shangri la Hotel Jakarta

Roland + Aurellia

Thank you so much Untitled band for making our big day a success!

UNTITLED Band fulfilled all our criteria for wedding band. Once we saw them perform, it was a no-brainer. Ko bun's voice is excellent, and the band performance is flawless. So much so that some of our guests inquire about the wedding band afterwards. Ko bun himself is also very helpful leading up to the reception and manage to assist in sudden requests from us. Thank you so much Untitled band for making our big day a success!

Silvia Wijaya and Brad Ha, Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan

Silvia Wijaya and Brad Ha

If you want jazz music just like Bubblers songs, you have to call this band!

Nov 15th, 2014 ^^ our wedding day!
We would like to thank to UNTITLED BAND especially ko Bun for his and the team's services at our wedding celebration.

More or less a year ago, we went to the RCPP to see the ballroom we planned to held the wedding ceremony and celebration - which was Ritz Carlton Pacific Place. Then while waiting the marketing person, there was a rehearsal at the ballroom. Suddenly we listened to the music, jazz type.. *Is it Michael Buble 's voice???*

It was a nice voice. Richard and I then asked the marketing person who they
were? What bands? *because we like their music n voice. And we were looking
for that kind of music for our wedding )
Then we knew it later, it was called Untitled Band.

Meanwhile ago, a good friend of ours, is a wedding organizer, and she also mentioned about this band actually. She said if you want jazz music just like Bubblers songs, you have to call this band!

Sooo, we called the contact person to meet in order to ask about everything. Yes! Finally we met their *Untitled Band* vocalist - his name is Bun Sentoso.

Ko Bun is a very nice person. Hmm actually we only met twice before the wedding day. But we kept in touch thru the BBM. He is very kind, helpful, informative, humble and he is a detailed person.
We like him 🙂
An example for professional wedding bands. Regardless, in fact that all the
member of the team do this band for a hobby only!!

Then during our preparation, looking for other vendor, ko Bun helped so much. And in about a month prior to the wedding day, he reminded small things, something that was sometimes forgettable.

And you know guys, Richard and I are not art people. We like music jazz. But we were confused in choosing the song for our entrance nor for family. So here it was. Ko Bun offered some good songs to play.
Finally we chose the Unforgettable for our family entrance, and Blue Heaven for our entrance ^^ nice songs.
And believe it or not, they played the songs till the finish - just in time when we reached the stage! Yeay!

For your information, we wanted the wedding kiss in the middle of that song, during our walk from the entrance to the stage. And it happened successfully since it was the right song. And the bands played it well. Thanks Untitled!

Unforgettable moment ^^ for our "summer jazz wedding theme".

We are satisfied of your performance. We would like to recommend you to others and see u soon in other moments!

Keep shining UNTITLED BAND! 🙂
Thank you!

Best regards,
Richard and Diana 😀 🙂

Richard and Diana

It was the best wedding performance I had ever seen

The Untitled Band has recently played for my brother’s wedding at the Kemplanski’s in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this magical day, Bun and his band brought pop-jazz to life. If I may humbly speak on behalf of the 700 guests present, it was the best wedding performance I had ever seen. The liveliness of their music and the classy voice of Bun come together like you would expect of the great Sinatra himself.
Bun’s charisma, stage presence and what I call his “Bublé” voice transcended the atmosphere and I felt like I was brought back to the times of the Fitzgerald. In my sincere praise of Bun and the incredible Untitled Band, I wish them great success and for others to experience what I was fortunate to have witnessed that night at the wedding.

Celina Wu

Love at first watch!

"Love at first watch!"

I had a pretty short preparation for my BiG day and i was lucky enough i found untitled band on youtube randomly. When i first spotted this band i know that this is the one that im looking for, oh well since i love jazz and bun's tone of voice also turns out to be the voice that i like, which i found it a resemblance of michael bubble.
I quickly contacted him. His fast response also his attentiveness really helped me out.

Anyway last but not least its greater to see u guys perform live rather in a youtube though.
Thanks for being such a cooperative team, and a warm welcoming band!

Sondi & Suri

It was exactly what we wanted and more

I could not have asked for anyone better than Untitled Band. It was exactly what we wanted and more. They made our wedding so lively. Both with their music and Bun's mc'ing. I loved how he told our story of choosing him to perform at our wedding and how he interacted with our mc and guests.

We have received feedback from a lot of the guests and they absolutely loved Untitled band. To quote my god mother "Bun is even better than Sinatra himself"

Phil and ‎Fiona

Great performance by The Untitled Band

Enjoyed Great performance by The Untitled Band and Beautiful Voice and Talented Bun Sentoso. Looking forward to seeing your next event soon!

Diana Ramlie

Untitled band is an incredibly amazing jazz band

Untitled band is an incredibly amazing jazz band, they are not only plays great music but also made our dream came true. The sounds of their performance bring up the whole atmosphere just like the way we wished it would be, soothing and magical at the same time. Thank you so much for being a part of our big day. Ko Bun is very nice and helpful when we were confuse in song picking and pointed what would be the best choice. We highly recommend Untitled band for those who loves jazz and want to have a swaying feeling on their wedding day 🙂

Ellys Goh

It is always a treat to listen to Bun Sentoso jammin

I once attended a friend's wedding and that was the first time I heard the performance of Bun Sentoso & his band. They immediately caught my attention as they play diffenrent genres of music, particularly when hearing Bun's distinguished voice. Then last year I insisted in celebrating our Christmas with a dinner at Fourties Kemang because of Bun Setoso performance. Bun truly has the talent to cover favorite classic songs with his own modern arrangement and his amazing cool voice. It is always a treat to listen to Bun Sentoso jammin...

Pram Ekaputra

The Untitled Band is without a doubt, a bargain, for the quality, seamless effort, and love they put in their work.

You know that feeling when you`ve only heard the first 5 seconds of a song and you already know that it`s gonna be on your repeated playlist for the next 3 months?

That`s how we felt when we first heard them play at our cousin`s wedding 1.5 years before our scheduled ceremony. They were the first vendor we agreed upon - they`re that amazing.

Bun has a low yet round and soft voice, imagine an Asian Michael Buble if you`d like - and yes, he`s that amazing! The kind of voice that blends in well with a relaxed ambiance but still memorable and attention-worthy for your day. In other words, his band would not overpower your party. He was so amazing that we didn`t even bother to look for anyone else during our search for a band.

Our wedding was an intimate 180 sitting lunch, but Bun accommodated so well that our guests got to enjoy both their music and still hold conversations across their tables, and that`s exactly what we were going for.

Bun and his band took care of everything from the beginning, and the best part was that they hardly ever needed our coordination as they showed full initiative to send documents over to the hotel logistics, coordinate with our wedding organizer for their needs, and rarely mentioned anything we needed to do besides pick our favorite songs!

In terms of pricing, people say "you get what you pay for" - but I`d like to differ. We certainly got waaaay more than what we paid for, and we loved every part of it. The Untitled Band is without a doubt, a bargain, for the quality, seamless effort, and love they put in their work.

I highly recommend The Untitled Band for your wedding, from one happy bride to other brides-to-be, this is definitely an investment for your wedding that you would not regret.

Here`s where you can reach Bun Sentoso: He replies in a jiffy, and is very friendly.

Or check out their youtube videos: and be mesmerized.

Cheers to you and your happiness!
Christine & Peter

Christine & Peter

A Perfect Band For A Romantic Wedding


Untitled Band is definitely a perfect choice,a perfect band for a romantic wedding!
At first, I know this band from my WO, so I listened to their performance through youtube video links they shared.

The moment I listened to the singer's voice (Bun Sentoso), I told my WO that this was gonna be perfect for my wedding.

Their performance songs really suit my wedding theme so much, which is a dreamy fairytale wedding. All the songs they picked are so perfect and it really brings up the romantic mood that night. Everyone will definitely feel so warm, cozzy and loved while enjoying their good food and good music.

Untitled Band really made my special day a something unforgettable. Especially, my first dance song! It was totally romantic and brings out our fairytale story. Their performance was so amazing from the beginning till the end of the reception.

Untitled Band is also very professional, friendly, awesome and responsive. Untitled Band is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and satisfaction guaranteed for sure! 😀

It is something that my husband and I wanted for our romantic wedding, it was totally memorable for us.
Thank you Untitled Band, especially to Ko Bun for a great performance. Your voice BAGUS BANGET! TOP!

All the best to Untitled Band and sukses selalu ya! 🙂

With Love,

Hendra and Fricilia

Hendra and Fricilia

Highly Recommended!

hi all..
kita pake untitled band di wedding kita di sovereign, dan puas banget ^^
meskipun tergolong short notice, pak bun & team rapi bgt persiapannya, mulai dari koordinasi dengan pihak gedung, pemilihan lagu, sampai pas hari H.. even detail posisi panggung juga mereka perhatikan supaya audio-nya maksimal.. intinya bikin kita calon pengantin jadi tenang hehehe..
pas hari H juga perform-nya keren banget.. really made our special day more special 🙂 and we got a lot of compliments dari temen-temen yang dateng..
pokoknya highly recommended! sukses terus buat untitled band yah..

Ronald and Caca

UNTITLED : Recommended

For those who are seeking for a “complete” package of entertaining music performance for your events, I would like to recommend UNTITLED Band. Bun Sentoso--with his sleek look and deep jazzy voice, along with the brilliant musicians will bring your events to the next level. I mean… com’on guys, I cannot help myself not to sing-along (ssshhh… only my ears could hear it, of course) while watching their performance, even though I was working as the MC at that time! Haha. Far from noisy, very calming, loungy. Sooo can’t wait to work together with UNTITLED Band again, and enjoy the amazing voice of Bun Sentoso. Book them quickly!

-Laurence Jehezkiel, MC and Organizer-

Laurence Jehezkiel


One thing about UNTITLED recomended bgt

Awalnya saya ragu untuk pake UNTITLED sebagai wedding singer di pernikahan saya.krn sy org yg ckp perfectionist...tapi setelah denger dan liat performance mereka secara langsung I fall in love with this band.

Jd sy beserta istri sepakat untuk memakai UNTITLED band sebagai wedding singer di pernikahan kami.

Really2 good performance
Really2 good singer

Dan satu lg penyanyinya kece bener.hahahah.jd kliatan mewah pernikahan saya.

Semenjak pernikahan sy byk temen yg menanyakan UNTITLED utk pernikahan mereka alhasil sy jd sering ngasih job an buat BUN.heheheh.semenjak itu malah jd berteman baik sm BUN.ahhahaha.

Jd buat temen2 yg mau nikah dan nyari wedding singer ngk akan rugi dan nyesel deh pake UNTITLED .(Sumpah saya ngk dapet byr an nulis posting ini sm si BUN.hahahaha)

Ricky and Wifey

5 Star for Untitled Band

Haii semuaa..
Aku juga mau share nih tentang Untitled Entertainment. Saat memutuskan untuk menikah tanggal 10 Desember 2011 kemarin, tentunya hal yang cukup penting adalah mencari band yang ciamik, keren, dan sesuai dengan tema wedding kamu.

Nah waktu itu aku cari2 dan browsing di forum weddingku, lalu baca tentang Untitled Entertaiment ini. Lalu aku email CP-nya yaitu BUN.. Orangnya ramaah banget, harga bisa nego pula, dan sangat fleksibel. Hehehe.
Aku waktu itu liat video2 mereka di FB, dan kereenn banget boook. Ga nyangkaa deh tampangnya koko Bun tp suaranya yang keluar jazz banget, makanya cuco kalo nyanyiin lagu akang Buble. hehehehe.

Gak cuma tentang bandnya aja, Bun juga bantuin aku cari CPnya soundsystem, dan puji Tuhan dapet kenalan salah satu vendornya Bun. Wuihh makasih banget yaaa 🙂

Pas kirimin list lagu2 yang mau dimainin, Bun sempet kasih saran kalo mereka masukkin lagu2 lain supaya balanced ga yang mellow2 smua. hihihi, aku sih percayain ajaa smuanya sama dia. Pas tiba hari H, mereka sempet dateng check sound, dan aku pas liat personilnya & denger langsung wooww keren banget euyy. Sangat Profesional banget deeh kliatannya. Mantap. Dan mereka juga mainnya ga pelit waktu. Sampe jam 9-an masiih asik bersenandung jazz sama kita2. Pokoknya smua terhibur, suaranya bagus, permainan band-nya keren. Mama papaku dan mertua juga seneng. Apalagi suami akuu 🙂

5 star deh review aku tentang Band ini. Kalo ada yang mau tanya2 langsung hubungi Bun aja 😉 fast response & sooo helpful untuk bantu para capeng yg lagi prepare for their wedding.
Thankss yaa Untitled 🙂

Alvin and Hellen

5 Star For The Completed Package of Untitled Band

Hi para capeng, mau sedikit share nih...kmrn wedding aku di tgl 3 des, diisi oleh Band Untitled yg alhamdulillah puas bgt dg hasilnya. Suara bagus, permainan rapih, dan sound system ok. Oia, vocalistnya jg enak diliat lah...pokoknya KOMPLIT deh!

Kenapa aku bisa bilang komplit, krn awalnya mau pake wedding band yg dipake kakak sblmnya, tp kok pas acar suaranya mendem, dari samping pelaminan ga kedengeran sama sekali usut punya usut, ternyata bisa jadi besar watt sound system yg dijanjikan diawal (which is 10rb watt utk di Balai Sudirman) bisa jadi sama si band itu cuma dikasih 6-8rb watt aja, jd kurang jelas suaranya utk gedung besar.

Pas denger Untitled, kok suaranya jernih bgt, apa jgn2 suara vocalistnya jadi bagus krn efek sound system & mic yg bagus lg (hehe...piss yah Koko Bun ) dan setelah ngobrol2 sama Koko Bun, org yg paling baik saat ini, ternyata profesionalitas band Untitled ga usah diraguin lg. Jadilah aku & suami sepakat utk pake Untitled. Dan kl kata suami sih, "muka vocalistnya jg keliatan mahal hahaha"

Dan pas hari H, Untitled jg nyempetin cek sound dl lho, dan yg cek sound bkn org sound systemnya aja, tp smua anggota bandnya hadir. Jadi ga ada tuh acara tiba2 bunyi "ngiiiinnngg" atau suara mic lebih gede dari suara alat musik. Pokoknya Untilted Band JUARA deh!!! Pesta pernikahan aku yg bertema Minang Modern semakin berasa romantis & modern dg iringan musik dr Untitled. Thanks a lot yah guys, especially for Mr. Nice Guy, Koko Bun Sentoso.

Dan kl diminta kasih rating, i give u ***** for the completed package of Untitled Band!

Demy dan Kanti

Syahdu dan Elegan


30 Oktober kemarin Untitled main di resepsiku, aku mau share sedikit yah.
Aku jg dapet info nya dari thread ini. Pertama liat video ini , langsung jatuh cinta sama band ini.
Kita dikasih songlist yg biasa Untitled mainin dan kebetulan banyak yg kita suka, terutama pasanganku dan mama nya yg nge-fans sama Rod Stewart.
Ngga cuma sampai situ aja, Mas Bun juga nawarin kita mau request lagu apa, ceritanyaa ditantangin nih... hehehe,
aku & pasangan akhirnya request `I Will` nya the beatles dan pas dimainin di resepsi kami... jrengggggg... jadi nyaa keren bangett.. aku sampai sempat ngga konsen salaman sm para tamu 😛

Thanks banget buat Mr. Bun Sentoso and the band who have been really helpful and cooperative. Bener lohh, baik banget 😀
Jadi, yang mau acara resepsinya jadi tambah syahdu dan elegan dengan alunan pop jazz nya Untitled, buruan cepet hubungin Bun Sentoso. 😀

Sukma and Ajeng

UNTITLED BAND Successfully Make My Wedding Day Become Soo Warm, Cozy, Jazzy, Romantic and Full of LOVE...

Aku juga pakai UNTITLED BAND waktu pernikahanku 9 Februari kemarin...

beberapa bulan sebelum pernikahan, aku browsing"... berhubung my hubby (yang saat itu masih calooon) beda kota, jadi aku harus nyiapin semuanya sendirii (dan dia tinggal bayar hahaha =D )

dan di ini la aku menemukan sosok UNTITLED BAND.
aku langsung buka youtubenya
dan pas liat the way you look tonight nyaaa.... OMG, I`m falling in love with the BAND!
it becomes the top of my "wedding preparation" list (ngalahin persiapan yg lain kya baju ama make up... hahaha) and incomparable!
the one and only...

aku langsung hubungin Mas Bun (yg aku taunya aga belakangan kalo ini vokalisnya hehehe)
orangnyaa ramaaaaah bgt d.. pokoknya satisfaction guarantee hohoho

UNTITLED BAND successfully make my wedding day become soo warm, cozy, jazzy, romantic and full of LOVE...

Thank you UNTITLED BAND... \(^_^)/

with a bunch of Love,

Reza and Taci

Untitled Really Bring the Jazzy Mood and Amaze All Guests

Untitled band really made my Special Day memorable.

Aku selalu suka lagu "The way you look tonite" for my wedding, waktu browsing di youtube Untitled perform lagu itu, that moment ga banyak mikir lagi i knew mereka harus ada di my wedding day

So langsung contact the nice guy, Bun Sentoso di Facebook. The support untuk preparationnya ok banget, untuk pemilihan lagu Untitled have good list of songs.
Kalau mau something different in your wedding day, i really recommend Untitled to sing on your wedding day.

On my big day i want everyone to feel the Love, so tamu ga cuma datang ke resepsi seperti biasa. Untitled really set the mood, sejak entrance masuk keluarga dan terutama entrance bride and groom. ( by the way they collaborated really well with the WO to set the entrance to be just perfect )

Untitled really bring the jazzy mood and amaze semua tamu, they all love it and give good comments about them.

Its so memorable for me, i keep remembering the entrance with the songs they played. Untitled Band really made my day."

Teddy and Lisa

Paling Keren

"Untitled Band, salah satu vendor paling keren, professional, dan menghidupi nuansa, mewarnai kebahagiaan pernikahan kami. Mengerti hati dan menjiwai setiap lagu dan liriknya. Ada nyawa, romantic, dan elegant di tiap nada. Ini jazz yang benar-benar jazz!!! Thanks Untitled n thanks buat Ella Fitzgerald nya, Misty, dll !!! Benar2 sehati sama clientnya!!! You're rock and JAZZY!!! \m/"

Dedi Sadikin

Everybody Fell in Love With The Band

"hello! aku juga pakai Untitled Band u/weddingku 21 september kmrn!
Puas bgt!!!

Pertama tahu ttg Untitled Band dari WO aku, dia rekomen bgt sama band ini, terus kasi aku link2 u/lihat youtube nya. under Untitled Band atau Bun Sentoso pas disearch.
Pas lihat youtube nya langsung suka, suami juga
first impressionnya, performancenya bagus, suara enak, lagu2 nya juga jazz bgt, cocok sama yg kita mau u/ambience pestanya.

sbnrnya wkt itu ada 2 pilihan, tp bener2 prefer untitled band deh, karena lebih komunikatif dan responsif, aku ga pernah nunggu lama u/suatu jawaban atau penjelasan juga sabar meladeni request aku yg aneh2 pd hari2 terakhir hahaha. perwakilan band jg dtg pas technical meeting dan memberi masukan2 berarti. Ko Bun nya sendiri enak diajak diskusi, dr lagu2 yg mau dimainin (mrk punya songlist database yg buanyaakkk) sama pilihan alat musik yg cocok dg tempatnya.

menurut aku good price too dg performance yg aku dpt pas wedding day.
semua orang mujiii...terus pada nanyain, band nya siapa sih.
ini aja adikku n pacarnya udah officially jd fans untitled band,
terus sepupu suami yg mau married sama tunangannya jg udah jd fans n mrk blg nanti married mau pake untitled band jg hehehe
yg tua2 jg pada suka hihi senanggggg

everybody fell in love w the band, thank you untitled band!
u made my wedding just perfect a jazzy intimate wedding"

Johan and Stefanny

UNTITLED is Highly Recommended

"To cut the story short, we had done our research and we made the right choice to have UNTITLED for our wedding reception. Kalau mau dirangkum dengan 4 kata, mereka itu professional, maximal, friendly and awesome! Kerasa kalo fokus mereka pertama itu untuk deliver music jazz & have fun with us dengan harga yg reasonable.

So guys, kalau mau music pop jazz to rock your wedding day - UNTITLED is highly recommended. Mereka bakal utamain suksesnya music di wedding kamu dibanding hal2 lain, ga complain2, dan bakal main musik sampe acara selesai. Never missed to have good food and great music, especially on your big day.

All the best to Untitled! You guys`ll be missed, esp ko Bun.


Adrian & Grace